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Movie producer, Los Angeles, CA

Brii serves as a sort of 'lighthouse' in the sea of my life's journey. When I feel off course or confused, I can always rely on her to serve as a reference point that I can use to return to my own self through my own efforts. In so doing, I examine and transform the workings of my mind. This has been true since the beginning of our work together some 12 years ago.  The work we do together encompasses, and yet goes far beyond, the traditional practice of therapy. 

— Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Santa Fe, NM

The work I have done with Brii and the support I have felt have kept me from falling back into a very dark place. When I feel myself slipping, I can return to something she has taught me or a conversation that was helpful. I also really appreciate that she explains how and why everything is so interconnected and how the brain works and how these normal processes led me to where I am today. I thank her for sharing her multitude of tools, knowledge, and compassion with me and my family.

— Medical student, Seattle, WA

During my sessions with Brii, I experience a deep, pervasive, communion with my true self and my soul's ultimate truth. With her knowledge, Brii continuously reminds me of the "bigger picture." As a gifted healer, she guides me into witnessing energy moving through my subtle anatomy. I encourage anyone who is open to healing through the chakras to experience her work.

— Yoga instructor, Frankfurt, Germany

Invaluable, connective, personal healing. Dedicated & insightful. Brii brings a wealth of practical talents & deep intuition into her work. She has been the perfect guide for my personal transformation.

— Professor of psychology, Las Vegas, NM

Brii walks her talk. You can experience the truth of who you are within the comfortable confines of her knowledge and approach. Change can happen with an elegance and ease that arises from someone who has faced down fear. Allow yourself to look deeply at what truly impacts your life with the loving guidance of someone else dedicated to that truth. You won’t regret the experience and you may, as I have, find yourself returning again and again.

— Administrator,Valencia, Spain

Brii has a calm and non-aggressive presentation. She gave me room to consider things and see how they felt for me.

— Therapist, Albuquerque, NM

In my 35 years as a clinical psychologist, I have received counsel from other therapists who employ transpersonal methods. However, Brii’s work stands out as being richer in transformational power and insight. I am grateful for her knowledge, wisdom and warmth of presence. I also deeply value Brii’s teaching skills and ability to convey deeper meaning in a comprehensible and usable way.

— Author/educator, SLC, UT

My work with Brii has been life changing. I've come to know my true core beliefs, strengths, and weaknesses and how to best use these effectively for my growth and benefit. She has a broad background in many protocols and weaves these into the work with such skill, giving me practical procedures to use in the expansion of my consciousness.

— Therapist, Albuquerque, NM

— Gerontologist, Santa Fe, NM

With Brii's help I was able to maintain a sense of focus, accomplishment and humor during the most challenging years of my life. Brii has not only a depth of knowledge, but a depth of compassion and understanding as well. She is gifted with the ability to communicate in a loving and non-judgmental way. Professionalism is paramount for Brii, as her trademark is to be there first and foremost for her clients.

— Nurse, London, UK

My sessions with Brii were incredibly helpful at a time when I was going through a lot of personal change. Brii was supportive and able to help guide me to my inner strength though a variety of methods. Thank you.

— Finance Executive, San Juan Capistrano California

Finding Brii has been one of the greatest treasures in my life. Somehow, she combines therapist, life-coach, and Eastern and Western, broad-minded philosopher into one wonderful package. Depending on the day, working with her feels at times like talking to a good friend, at times like visiting a healer, and at times like learning from a great professor.  She is brilliant, intuitive, and shares her gifts with a lovely, compassionate and often humorous demeanor. I’m so grateful to Brii for her work in transforming the world, one client at a time!

— Hospice nurse, Santa Fe, NM

Brii continues to expand the paradigm of human transformation, proving herself both esteemed guide and trusted companion on my healing journey. She brings her deep presence, wisdom, and wellspring of joy to every session.

For Carl Jung, the energy of yoga represented a rich storehouse of inner experience and of the individuation process in particular.

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